The Best Film Scores of 2016

Throughout the course of a given year, I typically compile a 50-70 song long playlist of  film score tracks that stand out from recently released films. While 2016 may have been lacking as a year for film as a whole, it produced an unusually high number of outstanding film scores. This year’s score playlist was nearly 120 songs long.

While the year’s critic awards seem to be bouncing back and forth between Jackie and La La Land, I wanted to acknowledge some of the other incredible film scores that made 2016 such an exceptional year for the category but have yet to receive as much attention as they deserve. Links are attached for each song. Enjoy.

15. Captain Fantastic, Alex Somers


Best Track: Fortress

Other Amazing Tracks: Memories


14. Deepwater Horizon, Steve Jablonksy (you think I’m kidding, but give this a listen outside of the film)


Best Track: Home

Other Amazing Tracks: Taming the Dinosaurs


13. Jackie, Mica Levi


Best Track: The End

Other Amazing Tracks: Walk to the Capitol


12. Arrival, Johann Johannsson


Best Track: Heptapod B

Other Amazing Tracks: Transmutation at a Distance


11.High Rise, Clint Mansell


Best Track: Silent Corridors

Other Amazing Tracks: “Somehow, the High Rise played into the most pretty impulses”


10. Hell or Highwater, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis


Best Track: Lord of the Plains

Other Amazing Tracks: Comancheria II


9. Hacksaw Ridge, Rupert Gregson-Williams

maxresdefault (2).jpg

Best Track: Praying

Other Amazing Tracks: Okinawa Battlefield


8. Indignation, Jay Wadley


Best Track: Can You Hear Me?

Other Amazing Tracks: I Promise


7. Manchester by the Sea, Leslie Barber


Best Track: Manchester by the Sea Chorale

Other Amazing Tracks: Manchester Minimalist Piano and Strings


6. The Jungle Book, John Debney


Best Track: Mowgli Wins the Race

Other Amazing Tracks: The Jungle Book Closes


5. Moonlight, Nicholas Britell


Best Track: The Middle of the World

Other Amazing Tracks: End Credits Suite


4. Midnight Special, David Wingo


Best Track: Marshland

Other Amazing Tracks: New World, Midnight Special Theme


3. Swiss Army Man, Andy Hull & Robert McDowell


Best Track: Montage

Other Amazing Tracks: Intro Song, Finale 


2. La La Land, Justin Hurwitz


Best Track: Epilogue

Other Amazing Tracks: Planetarium, City of Stars (Humming)


1. The Little Prince, Hans Zimmer, Camille & Richard Harvey


Best Track: Escape

Other Amazing Tracks: Draw Me a Sheep, Preparation


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