Best Film Shots of 2015


Honorable Mentions:

Ex Machina

DP: Rob Hardy

15- Ex Machina


DP: Roger Deakins

14- Sicario

Ex Machina

DP: Rob Hardy

13 Ex Machina

Slow West

DP: Robbie Ryan

12 Slow West

The Hateful Eight

DP: Robert Richardson

11 Hateful Eight

The Top 10:

10: Beasts of No Nation

DP: Cary Fukunaga

Aside from striking contrast (I love me some sillouhettes), the charred ruins also represent Agu’s own ruined, charred childhood.

10 Beasts of No Nation

9. Brooklyn

DP: Yves Bélanger

The most memorable composition in a film full of pleasing, warm colors. This one is essentially the embodiment of nostalgia…which the whole film really is. It’s just…friendly.

9- Brooklyn

8. Mad Max: Fury Road

DP: John Seale

I had to include something from Mad Max. What is more epic and impressive looking than a convoy of souped up vehicles entering an electrical, screen swallowing sandstorm.8 Mad Max

7. Carol

DP: Edward Lachman

Lachman and Haynes chose to photograph the film extensively through windows, so as to emphasize the separation between the two lovers. This one is the most striking from a slew of striking window shots.

7- Carol

6. Youth

DP: Luca Bigazzi

Aside from being gorgeous to look at, here is the first of two ‘drowning’ images: this one depicting Caine drowning in his own musical insecurities.

6- Youth

5. The Final Girls

DP: Ellie Smolkin

A shockingly striking image for a low-budget horror comedy. The scene shown above, aside from having some wonderful colors also happens to be one of the most emotional scenes of the year. Who knew the song “Bette Davis Eyes” could be so touching?

5- The Final Girls

4. Macbeth

DP: Adam Arkapaw

I have nothing to say about this other than it looks obscenely cool. The most striking image in a film full of memorable images.

4- Macbeth

3. Bridge of Spies

DP: Janusz Kaminski

If we’re all being honest, I have no idea what this shot represents. But it’s a fascinating one to look at. Spy, Rudolph Able is depicted in three different ways in one frame (the mirror, the painting, and in his actual body, observing both images).

3- Bridge of Spies

2. 99 Homes

DP: Bobby Bukowski

If you haven’t seen the film, this shot goes through the window capturing Andrew Garfield passed out, drunk on the floor of his empty house against the reflection of an outdoor pool. The two images mesh to symbolize Garfield’s sensation of ‘drowning’ in his situation of gross immorality.2- 99 Homes1. Sicario

DP: Roger Deakins

Aside from being an absoutely stunning shot to look at, this shot singlehandedly sums up the entire film. Here the horizon looks like water in the sillouhettes. One by one, each member of the DEA descends into the darkness (of corruption). Blunt’s shadow is the last to descend, but ultimately she does as well. Plus, I’m a sucker for all things sunset.

1- Sicario


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