January Film Awards Calendar

Friday, January 2nd – ACE Eddie Award Nominations Announced

Monday, January 5th – 2015 Producers Guild Awards Nominees Announced
Monday, January 5th – Art Directors Guild Nominations
Monday, January 5th- North Carolina Film Critics Awards
Monday, January 5th- Georgia Film Critics Nominations
Monday, January 5th- Vancouver Critics Awards
Tuesday, January 6th- Denver Film Critics Nominations
Wednesday, January 7th- Writers Guild of America Nominations
Wednesday, January 7th- American Society of Cinematographers Nominations
Wednesday, January 7th- Costume Designers Guild Nominations
Thursday, January 8th – Oscar Nominations voting ends at 5 p.m. PT
Thursday, January 8th- Central Ohio Film Critics Awards
Thursday, January 8th- Makeup and Hairstylists Guild Nominations
Friday, January 9th- BAFTA Nominations
Friday, January 9th- Georgia Film Critics Awards
Sunday, January 11th – 2015 Golden Globe Awards
Monday, January 12th- Denver Film Critics Awards
Tuesday, January 13th- Directors Guild Nominations
Tuesday, January 13th- Cinema Audio Society Nominations
Wednesday, January 14th- Motion Picture Sound Editors Nominations
Thursday, January 15th – 20th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards
Thursday, January 15th – 2015 Oscar Nominations at 5:30 a.m. PT
Sunday, January 18th- London Film Critics Circle Awards
Saturday, January 24th – 2015 Producers Guild Awards
Sunday, January 25th – 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards
Friday, January 30th – American Cinema Editors’ ACE Eddie Awards
Saturday, January 31st- Art Directors Guild Awards
Saturday, January 31st- Annie Awards

TDB: National Society of Film Critcs, North Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa


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