Looking at Food Through a Man’s Eyes

An anonymous 21-year-old male, known here as John Doe, shares his struggle with an eating disorder. 

“I remember clear as day, the second month of eighth grade, I started only having one ice cream bar a week, and then one a month, and then I cut them out entirely,” said Doe. “I did that with all deserts, and then soda, and then even bread. I had weird little gauges I would measure myself by, some little standard, you know, my arms, my waist, my face…”

Doe attributes his struggle to pressure from his parents to lose weight.

“I think my parents noticed I had gotten really skinny, but they didn’t care,” said Doe. “I think they were just happy I had lost weight.”

During his eighth grade year, Doe shrunk from 126 pounds to 88 pounds. By the time he was in eleventh grade, his doctors informed him he had stunted his growth.

Doe says he is not alone in his struggle as a male dealing with an eating disorder.

“It’s one of those taboo things. People don’t like to talk about it. Guys don’t like to be perceived as weak. I feel like people feel like it’s an issue only for women,” said Doe.

Doe has since returned to a healthier weight, but says the mentality is still there today.

“I go through periods, where I still worry about being heavier, and then try to lose the weight I’ve gained,” said Doe.

Doe is one of 10 million males in the United States who deals with some sort of eating disorder.


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