Art Triumphs Against Taliban in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, art has triumphed as one of the greatest means of resistance against the Taliban, according to The New York Times.

Following a 2001 civil war, and subsequent Islamic rule, 70 percent of The National Museum of Afghanistan’s collection appeared to have been destroyed or stolen. Islamic radicals looted the museum and smashed any artifact bearing human or animal likeness. Museum officials have restored 300 of the most important 2,500 smashed objects, while Interpol and UNESCO have recovered nearly 900 of the stolen objects

Countries around the world are participating in the effort to find and restore the museum’s lost artifacts. University of Chicago has begun a process of digitally cataloguing every work in the museum. The US has also sponsored a massive security system update for the museum.

Those involved with the restorative process believe their work to be a strong symbol of resistance against those responsible for the loss of art: The Taliban, corrupt custodians, and warlords. The recovered art dates back to the stone and bronze ages, and features records of numerous religions and empires.

More artifacts are being recovered each day, according to The Times. Each offers new information about the nation’s past, as well as representing culture and pride.


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